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  1. Medical Residency or Patient Care:
  2. Unskilled Labor: Jobs that require minimal skill or do not contribute to the cultural exchange aspect of the program are typically restricted.
  3. Domestic Help: Household positions like nannies and caregivers for the elderly are generally not allowed.
  4. Permanent Positions: J-1 Visa holders are not allowed to take permanent positions or jobs that lead to immigrant intent.
  5. Commission-Based Jobs: Jobs that rely primarily on commission for income may not be allowed.
  6. Jobs in Sensitive Areas: Employment in jobs that are deemed sensitive for national security reasons may be restricted.
  7. Entrepreneurial Activities: Starting a business or engaging in entrepreneurial activities is generally not permitted.
  8. Clinical Healthcare and Direct Patient Contact: Hands-on clinical healthcare roles, including nursing, surgery, and dentistry, typically have restrictions.

It’s crucial to remember that the specific restrictions can vary depending on the J-1 Visa category (e.g., Summer Work Travel, Intern, Trainee, etc.). Before accepting any job offer or engaging in employment activities, participants should consult their program sponsor and review the terms and conditions of their J-1 Visa program to ensure compliance with all regulations.

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