Payment Gateway Disclaimer :

Information relating to electronic transactions entered via this form or  Website shall be protected by encryption technology. ISATS Jamaica has a merchant account with secure payment gateways i.e Stripe. The Website cannot interfere and does not interfere with the payment gateway mechanism/tools/application. The Website has no access to the information that you may enter for making the payment through the payment gateway.

Your transaction and banking details or other information as required for internet banking or other payment instruments are held by our Payment Gateway provider. By creating a link to a payment gateway, we do not endorse the payment gateway, nor are we liable for any failure of products or services offered by such a payment gateway. Such a payment gateway may have a privacy policy different from than ours. All failures/errors/omissions of the payment gateway shall be solely on the payment gateway. You hereby consent that you shall not sue the Website for any disputes that you may have with the payment gateway for any wrongdoing of the payment gateway.

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