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USD899.00 USD2,129.00


6 Days 16 Days

Ecuador Quest

This eight-day trip shows off its best, rolling natural wonders (the Amazon!), stunning landscapes (the Ecuadorian highlands!), rich culture (Quito!), and active pursuits like hiking, horseback riding, and mountain-biking everywhere you look. Good on its own, this trip also makes an ideal add-on to any Galápagos trip. Trust us. It’s worth the time.

Destination 8 Days

From USD1,200.00 USD979.00

Central Mexico: Puerto Escondido, Mexico City & Epic Mountain Views

Want a face-full of adventure? This eight-day tour of Central Mexico has you covered. Soak up all its sights, sounds, and sizzling flavours as you travel from Mexico City to the Pacific coast, with you and your new Roamies staying in incredible hostels along the way. Take an insider’s tour of the Mexican capital and…

Destination 8 Days 7 Nights

From USD1,600.00 USD1,500.00

The Total Peru Package: Cities, Deserts & Inca Ruins

No traveller should ever have to choose between exploring Peru’s coastal desert or adventuring to Machu Picchu, so we created this 11-day, hostel-based tour to help the world out. Kicking off from Lima, you’ll feast on fresh seafood and cruise around on dune buggies at a desert oasis before heading up to the mountains where…

Destination 11 Days 10 Nights

From USD2,000.00 USD1,869.00

Central Mexico, Yucatan & Cancún

Can’t decide where to travel in Mexico? Then just, you know, don’t and choose this epic 16-day adventure that hits all the best parts instead. Travel from one oh so beautiful hostel to the next as you venture from Mexico City all the way to Cancún. You’ll discover the cultures, landscapes, and flavours (tacos and…

Destination 16 Days 15 Nights

From USD3,000.00 USD2,129.00

Cuba Tour- ICEP Adventures-

Right now is an exciting time in Cuba with rapidly changing legislation and local conditions. Cuba has seen a massive increase in tourism lately, which has put a strain on local tourist infrastructure. While we will strive to operate our tours as closely to published itineraries as possible, conditions often change from one day to…

Destination 6 Days 5 Nights

From USD1,200.00 USD899.00

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