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Summer Camp Counselor Program

Camp Staff


  • Youth Worker
  • Someone with special skills
  • Teachers
  • Students

Summer Work and Travel USA
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Camp Staff U.S.A.

The Camp Staff USA Program is an exciting cultural exchange program that offers international participants the opportunity to work at American summer camps. It provides a unique experience for individuals who are passionate about working with children and are eager to immerse themselves in American culture.

This program not only allows you to interact with campers of different ages and backgrounds, but also provides the opportunity to engage with fellow counselors from around the world. You will have the chance to learn about different cultures, share your own traditions, and make friends from all corners of the globe.

You can visit famous landmarks, experience American cuisine, and embrace the local customs and traditions. Whether it’s hiking in the stunning national parks, exploring bustling cities, or relaxing on beautiful beaches, the Camp Staff USA Program offers you a chance to experience the true essence of America.

Moreover, the Camp Staff USA Program is not only about work and travel, but it also provides an opportunity for personal growth. As a camp staff member, you will gain valuable leadership skills, learn to work effectively in a team, and develop your communication and problem-solving abilities.



Camp USA

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  • ✅ J1 Visa Sponsorship
  • ✅ Insurance
  • ✅Camp Placement
  • ✅On-going Support While in the United States
  • ✅Opportunity to travel and visit friends and family in the United States


What if I pay and I am not qualified ?

Easy ! Your payment of $67 can go towards another services such as visa/travel services.

Is there a way I can make payment later ?

Certainly! Delayed payment is an option; however, please be aware that each program has a maximum capacity for applicants. When we reach that limit, you may be unable to participate.

Am I guaranteed a camp or Job Placement ?

In reality, there are no absolute guarantees for opportunities like these. However, drawing from our years of experience, we are committed to diligently working towards the success of every client. Additionally, we’ve developed strategies that enable individuals to make partial payments until they secure a camp or job placement.

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What type of Job is available for Work and travel:

Participants in the Summer Work and Travel program typically work in seasonal and temporary jobs in various industries. Some common job types include:

Hospitality and Tourism:

  • Hotel and resort staff (front desk, housekeeping, bellhop).
  • Restaurant servers, hosts, or kitchen staff.
  • Theme park attendants.


  • Sales associates in stores and boutiques.
  • Cashiers and customer service representatives.
  • Stock clerks and merchandisers.

Amusement and Recreation:

  • Lifeguards at pools or beaches.
  • Camp counselors.
  • Recreation assistants at parks or camps.

Food Service:

  • Fast-food workers.
  • Baristas and cafe staff.
  • Food concession workers at events or festivals.

Resort and Outdoor Activities:

  • Golf course attendants.
  • Ski resort staff (in the winter season).
  • Water sports instructors (e.g., kayaking, paddleboarding).

National Parks and Conservation:

  • Entry gate attendants.
  • Trail maintenance and park ranger assistants.

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