USA Summer Camp Counselor


The J-1 Summer Camp Program provides you with an opportunity to visit the United States during the summer to share and contribute your skills to a Camp. You’ll be helping a group of campers learn new skills and overcome challenges.

Camp Counselors are able to get involved with lots of different camp activities while leading their campers. This could include sports such as hockey or soccer , arts and crafts like ceramics and fine art drama and much more . Being a camp counselor is all about having a fun and rewarding summer experience.

Summer Camp USA

Eligibility :

  1. Sufficiently proficient in the English language to supervise and interact with American youth;
  2. A foreign post-secondary student , youth worker, teacher or individual with specialized skills; and
  3. At least 18-years-old.


  • CAPE/ 6th Form Students are Eligible.
  • We welcome Heart Trust NTA Students with special skills to apply.
  • You are NOT required to be enrolled in a University OR College to apply for this program.

Program Package includes:

  1. J1 Visa Sponsorship
  2. Medical Insurance Coverage
  3. SEVIS Fee
  4. Daily Meals and Accommodation
  5. Camp Placement in the United States
  6. Visa Application Help (Completing Application and Booking Embassy Date)
  7. On-Going Guidance while in the U.S.A
  8. 24 Hr Support While in the USA
  9. Pre-Departure Orientation

Documents required :

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Two (2) Passport Size Photo
  3. Smiling Photograph
  4. Copy of previous J1 or any other Visas
  5. Updated Resume
  6. Police Record
  7. Additional Documents may be required upon request *


During your 30 days grace period you can take trips with your friends to different tourist attractions and explore different parts of the area your placed.


Your J1 Visa will give you the ability to travel and explore the entire USA. So you can have a trip to Las Vegas , then down to Miami , then Back up to the Big Apply New York City !

Even if your J1 Visa is expired you have a 30 days “grace period” to explore some additional places!

Share your culture with other Americans or J1 Camp Counselor and learn more about their cultures as well !

Fees 2023/2024



✓ Camp Placement

✓ DS-2019 for Embassy


United Studies


✓ Camp Placement

✓ DS-2019 for Embassy


Apply Online for summer 2022

Registration Fee : JMD$2,500

Screening Fee : $50

  • Other Fees to consider – Flight Cost , Airline Baggage cost , Taxi Pick-up in the United States and other travel miscellaneous expenses.

Book your flight!

After all payments are completed ,and your Placement /DS2019 has been confirmed ; You will be required to attend a “Pre-Departure Orientation” in Feb/March 2022.

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