Culinary/Hospitality USA Program

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We can secure you a PAID position in a 4 or 5-star renowned brand hotel in the United States of America and assist you in securing your J1 visa.

Explore your Career in Hospitality overseas!


Trainees – Must hold a hospitality or hotel related Degree OR Diploma plus one year of full-time hospitality related work experience outside the United States OR have at least 5 years of relevant work experience.

Interns – Must be currently enrolled as a full-time student in a post-secondary academic institution outside United States or have graduated in the past 12 months with a hospitality/ hotel/ tourism degree. Some hospitality related experience or on the job training in the position you are applying for is preferred.

Program Highlights :


Is finance a concern?

We have received numerous questions about paying for your program and about profitability.

The reality is you can earn back the cost of your program within 4 months PLUS MORE for 1 year.

HOWEVER, the primary purpose of the program is not to make money , but more so geared towards academic and professional development and cultural awareness which we entirely promote in all our programs.

Frequently asked questions:

How long does it takes for me to receive a job?

Placement for hospitality Jobs take less than 7-14 Days !

What if i do not have visa ?

The program package includes J1 Visa Sponsorship, therefore we will assist you in obtaining yourcorrect visa for the J1 intern/trainee program

Whats the overall cost for the program?

The overall cost for the program is based on how long you want to participate on the program for (4 , 6, 12, or 18 Months ) You are given the option to select the duration. Additionally , different visa sponsor have different pricing and this will also impact your total program fee . When your placement evaluation is done; you will be sent an estimate with final program fee.

Is this similar to the H2B Program ?

This is NOT the temporary Non-Agricultural Program. The Jobs provided through the J1 Program is not primarily to fix labor shortage (Thats the purpose of the H2B Program ) , but more-so to provide educational opportunities to highly qualified and experienced hospitality workers.

Is this only for students in college or fresh graduates ?

Whilst student and fresh graduates are qualified for the program , persons who are not going to school and have 5+ years of experience in the related area are also qualified for the program.

Is my visa guaranteed and what if I do not have visa ?

The correct visa for the program is the J-1 Exchange Visa. We assist you to obtain all the documents required to obtain this specific visa.

Will I be provided with a suitable housing in the United States ?

Most, if not all our jobs come with suitable housing options . So most of our participants need not to worry accommodation

Can I bring my dependent/child or spouse ?

Yes ! as a J1 Intern/Trainee you are allowed to bring your dependent (Child or Spouse) to the United States with you under a J-2 Visa.

Can I return to my home country in the event of emergency ?

Yes ! You can exit the United States and return after a short trip back home. You must however notify your sponsor (Who is responsible for you) of any travel arrangements “outside” the United States so that your J-1 Status isn’t affected .

Can I open a U.S. Bank account while on the program ?

Yes, this is possible ! Your free to bank at popular banks such as JP Morgan-Chase , Capital One , Bank of America as a J1- Participant.

Can I live with my family in the United States while on the program

This is possible where the employer has no available housing where you will be working. We recommend networking with other participants at the employer provided housing and create lifelong connection with people in your field.

Why is this program is not free ?

We wish it was free too ! You have to pay for your your visa , Insurance , document shipping fee, sponsorship fee plus to pay persons who work tirelessly to plan your amazing experience !

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