I-SATS Ambassador Programme

When you become an I-SATS Ambassador you get the opportunity to explore, learn and impact , just as our motto says. Our I-SATS Ambassador program is strictly voluntarily and as an Ambassador you will get access to a wide variety of programmes / initiatives to participate in and network with other future national builders like yourself.

Ambassadors will engage in workshops, meetings with community leaders, community service activities, interactive training, cultural presentations, visits to high schools, local cultural activities, civic education programmes, and much more!

Motto : Fearless Advocacy for a “Fearless Society”

I-SATS Ambassadors get the opportunity to volunteer both on local and international projects in Latin America, North America and Europe.We at I-SATS will try our very best in seeking financial assistance for all Ambassadors to cover the cost for international/ regional travels.

An I-SATS Ambassador gets the opportunity to travel to different countries and make an impact. You’ll engage in debates , Youth forums , Youth mentorship sessions and also capacity building workshops.


1. Travel to international Youth forums, capacity building workshops and debates

3. Participate in local , regional and International Youth Forums .

5. We at ISATS will help all our ambassadors to raise funds to participate in our programs. (ie.Sponsorship letters , recommendations and financial advice)

6. You’ll have Access to exclusive capacity building workshops locally in Jamaica. These workshops are designed to educate and connect young and vibrant minds. We strongly believe that together everyone achieve more (Team) .

7. All our ambassadors will get the opportunity to travel and participate in events/initiatives three or more times per year. Ambassador will get exclusive access to overseas workshop opportunities . We plan to attend the Un General Youth Assembly twice per year (Winter and Summer)

8. So it is not all about work, you can get the opportunity to chill , chat , network and vacate with other ambassadors. We will organize local social events in which ambassadors can unite and be themselves.


  1. AGES : 15 -29
  3. NATIONALITY : Open to Caribbean Nationals only.
  4. Pay Membership Fee JM $2,500/year or USD $17 / Year
  5. A person who is a active member of a NGO, Youth Club or Society
  6. Have served or currently serving in a Youth leadership position*


  1. Good Communication and public Speaking skills
  2. Excellent leadership skills
  3. Ability to adapt to different cultures.

General Application Form :

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