We know you might be looking at high ticket prices for your next travel . Or you might see a very cheap ticket but your low on available cash . We at ISATS JAMAICA got you covered ! We can help you Lock ticket prices with a very low deposit and you pay the balance in installments.

Book any flight with any Airlines to any destination in North America ,South America , Europe and Caribbean with a small Deposit. This help you get cheap available flights , and lock the prices with a small amount starting from $20,000 for roundtrips .

You might be looking at cheap flights at the moment and your strap on cash but we are here to help you make your trip possible !

Visa Application Credit Assistance – Start the process in Applying for your USA , CANADA or UK visa with just $3,500 . Book Appointment and pay what ever you can Weekly or Bi-weekly before your embassy dates.


Secure the best deals !

  • Avoid LARGE upfront payments.
  • Save your seat for as little as USD$140
  • Stay within your budget
  • Spend now what your Salary/Wage can manage
  • All tickets booked are verifiable through Airlines.
  • Installment plans for everyone !

Do you want to just book a flight by yourself ?

What do you need?

1) Valid Passport for booking

2) Confirmed Travel Dates

3) 2- References ( Friends , Employer )

Chat with a booking Agent:

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