London Internship

Do you want a paid or unpaid internship placement in Britain for up to 6 months? You’re at the right place!

London is a majestic city, full of history and modernity combined; the birthplace of countless classics. It is also a city of ambition on the forefront of the globe in a variety of fields. For centuries, London has attracted the best and brightest from all over the world. An internship in London will make your resume shine.

The first, and probably the most important advantage of an unpaid internship, is the experience it provides. If you choose to spend your summer in an unpaid internship to gain knowledge about a particular field, you will inevitably benefit from the time you spent doing so. While class time is invaluable, many things can be learned through internships that simply can’t be taught inside the confines of a classroom setting. In addition to this, unpaid internships allow you to apply the theories and practices you learned in the classroom, thus giving you a practical understanding of the subject matter.

You might find networking opportunities or make a connection with someone who can write you a good letter of recommendation down the line.

Isn’t college all about gaining important skills and making connections?

Think about it: How many other times in your life will you have such a great opportunity to meet and network with so many people from all over the world? Not many right!

Meet people now and stay in touch because sometime in the future, you just might need them for a recommendation letter for another internship, job, scholarship, etc.

When a hiring manager reviews your resume, they won’t be all that interested in your transcripts or your GPA, but they will want to know what practical experience you managed to gain as a student.

Tips to make your internship a success !

Start budgeting and think of ways to reduce cost.

  1. Contact family member overseas and ask them Kindly for their assistance in staying with them during your internship period. (This saves cost on rent and food)

Ask friends and family to donate towards your internship.

2) A great way to start saving towards your Internship is having your friends contribute towards your internship.

3) We can provide an official letter that will help to verify your participation in our Internship program.

4) We have payment plans available for up to 6 months to help your financial situation.

You may seek help from family members overseas to secure a PAID job on your behalf . (Many students prefer to use this option )

5) When you source your own job this reduce the cost for your program SIGNIFICANTLY.

We will conduct a site check and ensure that the employer is qualified to host you as an intern.

We will send you a letter to outlining your visa class and your privileges in the UK in the event the employer isn’t knowledgeable about this exchange program.


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