International Culture Exploration Program ( ICEP)

Are you ready to experience a different culture with us ?

Every year we organize international cultural excursion with overseas partners to allow participants to be exposed to a different culture for seven (7) days . This seven day trip will be educational , exciting and memorable !


What is NOT included :

So where do you want to go ?

How about exploring Japan ?

How about china

Did some say Canada ?

How about we head east to Thailand ?

Wanna hear some Spanish ? lets go to Costa Rica then !

Frequently ask question :

Q= Do I have to get a visa before I apply ? ANSWER: No , a visa is not required to express interest in our programs. If a specific program requires a visa we will help you in obtaining one.

Q= Do I have to arrange accommodation myself ? ANSWER: Absolutely NOT. We provide accommodation. This is prepared and sorted before the groups/batch depart from Jamaica.

Q= Can I travel with my spouse ,friends or sibling ? ANSWER : Yes you may, however each application will be treated separately.

Q= What is included in the program fee ? ANSWER: Your program fee includes the entire cost of your trip. This includes accommodation, meal , excursion cost , ground transportation overseas , visa fee (if applicable) and return flight cost.

Q= Who is eligible to participate ? ANSWER : Pretty much anyone 13 – 40 years of age.

Q= Is it mandatory to do a medical and obtain a police record ? ANSWER : YES! All participants will be required to visit a medical practitioner with a medical form which will be provided to them by us. You will also be instructed to obtain a recent police record .

Next stop :


Highlights :

Based in the heart of Old Havana, within walking distance there exist a lot of cools bars, cafes, music, museums and historical sights, and amazing nightlife!

– Spanish lessons combined with dance lessons and ‘discover Cuba’ cultural excursions to connect, understand and enjoy this amazing country!

– Our Cuban tour crew are super friendly and fun and will immediately make you feel at home and comfortable!

This program features Spanish language tuition and dance lessons delivered by professional instructors. Cuba is probably the most musical nation on the planet. Where there is music… there is dance! After breakfast you will enjoy Spanish language tuition and then in the afternoon we hit the dance school.

We have selected Havana and Trinidad as the destinations for this program. Both are bursting with vibrancy. They are culturally rich and tell the stories of their colonial era , wealth and importance. Both have a rich musical and dance heritage.

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