International Culture Exploration Program ( ICEP)

Are you ready to experience a different culture with us ?

Every year we organize international cultural excursion with overseas partners to allow participants to be exposed to a different culture for seven (7-14) days . This s trip will be educational , exciting and memorable !

ICEP Adventures :

Upcoming packages :


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Frequently ask questions:

Q= Do I have to get a visa before I apply ? ANSWER: No, a visa is not required to express interest in our programs. If a specific program requires a visa we will help you in obtaining one.

Q= Do I have to arrange accommodation myself ? ANSWER: Absolutely NOT. We provide accommodation. This is prepared and sorted before the groups/batch depart from Jamaica.

Q= Can I travel with my spouse ,friends or sibling ? ANSWER : Yes you may, however each application will be treated separately.

Q= What is included in the program fee ? ANSWER: Your program fee includes the entire cost of your trip. This includes accommodation, meal , excursion cost , ground transportation overseas , visa fee (if applicable) and return flight cost.

Q= Who is eligible to participate ? ANSWER : Pretty much anyone 13 – 40 years of age.

Q= Is it mandatory to do a medical and obtain a police record ? ANSWER : YES! All participants will be required to visit a medical practitioner with a medical form which will be provided to them by us. You will also be instructed to obtain a recent police record .

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