ISATS JAMAICA is a judge free organization. We are open minded to different cultures , race and ethnicity. All employees at ISATS Jamaica are well experienced in cultural exchanges , pleasure travels and Immigration related services.

We work with organizations all across the globe such as Europe , South East Asia , South America , North America and very soon the United Arab Emirate.
Our vision is to become internationally recognized. We are always open to sharing new educational and cultural opportunities not only to Jamaicans ,but Youth in the wider Caribbean region.


1. We are a registered Business under the Companies Act of Jamaica

2. We have Legal and Financial advisors that provide monitoring and encourage due diligence within our organization.

3) We are Tax Compliant under the Tax Administration Act of Jamaica.

4) We are an approved business to place persons in overseas jobs and we are monitored under Government authorities i.e. Ministry of Labour and Social Security Jamaica.

How can we work together ?

Host Employers/Companies

  • Provide our students/Interns/ with Job Placements.
  • Participate in career workshops
  • Get Seasonal Staffing in peak business seasons (Summer).

Volunteer Groups / Non Governmental Organizations/Outreach entities .

  • Collaborate on initiatives, outreach or volunteer projects.
  • Hep execute and organize activities.


  • We provide your students with Internships
  • Explore our Study Abroad Program
  • English Schools

Exchange Abroad Companies/Organizations.

  1. Visa Sponsors
  2. Provice your services/program to our clients
  3. Exchange Organizations.

Offers a wide variety of services to students

Educational, volunteer, Heritage excursions, ambassador program- People are drawn to our organization because of the variety of programs that we offer.


We at ISATS Jamaica work with different Public sector/Governmental Organizations within Jamaica to create a national impact and within communities across Jamaica.

We are always trying to expand our initiative for the entire Caribbean community.

We host Capacity Building workshops and organize US Presidential and British parliamentary Youth Debating Competition locally in Jamaica.


We organize trips to give a helping hand to different developing countries and expose participants to different cultures and/or customs.

Please do not hesitate to collaborate with us in offering your services and we also can incorporate our services and initiative with your organization. Occasionally we will invite you our partner to our beautiful Country to contribute to either :

  1. Youth Capacity Building workshops
  2. Contribute to our Pre-Departure Orientation /Information sessions
  3. To enage in Competitions we host (Debating , Essay , Public Speaking and Sports Related competitions )

Lets collaborate !

Contact : OR click the link below:

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