Study Abroad

Are you in your final leg of high school or 6th form and thinking of studying abroad? Are you thinking of furthering your education at a university overseas ? If you answer yes to any of these question we are here to make your dream a reality!


Complete your online profile, pay the application fee, and submit the required documents. ISATS JA will review your application and ensure you’re not missing any information.

Don’t worry about applying to many universities ,we will submit your application to top accredited and known Universities in the Country of your choice (USA , UK , Canada, Australia) . We will ensure that your qualification matches the University’s admission requirement so that your application will have a high chance of acceptance.


When we receive your Letter of acceptance (LOA), we will then prepare your Student visa application and schedule your interview at the respective consulate (IF REQUIRED).

We will assist you in finding flights at unbeatable prices.

Meet other international students at your new University.


We’re proud to say that the ‘warm and friendly’ stereotype about Canadians is true. When you visit or study in Canada, you’ll find a welcoming country with a unique culture  that embraces diversity. From urban centres to small towns, Canada is considered one of the safest countries in the world for international students.


The United States is a top choice for most international students. While studying there, you’ll meet a variety of people from many different countries.  interacting with interesting people, during your time in the US you will make new connections and will return home knowing that you’ve made some lifelong friendships. 

Besides getting to know more cultures and interacting with interesting people, during your time in the US you will make new connections and will return home knowing that you’ve made some lifelong friendships.  

You’ll also be able to easily travel to neighbouring cities and states in the US, to explore different areas, meet new people and have interesting experiences. 


 With a diverse population and a reputation for prestigious schooling, the UK is a natural location for international students to flock to. And for students worldwide seeking an English-language education, what better place to study than the country that invented the language.

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