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“ISATS took care of all our visa application needs. And help to alleviate the anxieties before the interview. Excellent service from start to finish. I would recommend this service.”

Mitchel Taylor

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“Being a first time participant I think that my decision for choosing ISATS was one that I wasn’t too sure due to things that are happening but after a couple of trips and talks with the agents I realized that the impression you give person’s about something is what they live by we may have our ups and downs but they’ll always pull through and keeps us reassured even when we’re panicking. So choosing them was a great choice for me because not everyone is gonna do the things they do and make it possible even if it seems impossible in our eyes. I’d recommend anyone to choose ISATS not because of certain opportunities but because of the experience I’ve had so far.”

Alleyah Bellafantie

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Travel and Visa Services:

We can help you with flight booking and finding meaningful adventures for you , your family or loved ones.

Career Development

We have a programs for highly qualified youths and adults in the Hospitality Sector with 100’s of Host Company ready to give you the International experience you deserve.

Student Affairs:

We have many opportunities for High school teens , Pre-college Students and students in University.

Travel Adventures

We provide more than just a “trip”, we provide travels for life-long impact . We discover extra ordinary destinations !

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