Would you like to become a Host Company ?

Hire International Interns today and create cultural diversity in your workplace.

Our services are 100% FREE . Host Employers pay no Program, visa, or placement fees .

If you are seeking seasonal staff or Interns/Trainee; and also to culturally diversify your work environment, look no further than the International Student Affairs and Travel Services. We recruit smart , talented , ambitious undergraduates , post-graduates not only from Jamaica , but also other countries such as Russia , Thailand , Bulgaria, Barbados and the Philippines.

We at ISAST Jamaica and our numerous visa partners provide all the following so that the Interns/Trainees may be eligible to work and enjoy their time while working with you their prospective Host Company.

  • We process all Visa paperwork and work permit etc.
  • We provide interns and trainees with accident and sickness insurance
  • We offer orientation and program materials for all participants
  • We offer 24-hour support throughout the entire program for employers, interns, and trainees
  • We assist all our interns to locate housing in close proximity to their work location.
  • We assist all interns with flight booking and local ground transportation when they arrive in the Host Company country.


United States based Host Companies

  • Pay Interns at least the state/country minimum wage
  • There must be at least five full-time, on-site employees per J-1 intern or trainee to ensure adequate training and supervision is provided
  • Be in business and operational for at least six months
  • Have a website and a company-based email address
  • Able to Interview candidates via phone OR webcam
  • Consent to a location visit (if required)
  • Proof of a workers’ compensation policy (USA Host Companies ONLY)
  • Copy of your business registration(USA Host Companies ONLY) | Obtain your business registration here
  • A Federal Identification Number (USA Host Companies ONLY)


  • Be registered with Companies House in the UK
  • The internship must be at least 25 hours per week
  • A site visit to your company will be required prior to the intern starting if your company has:
    • Fewer than 20 employees
    • Less than $3 million turnover
    • Been trading as a UK company for less than 2 years
  • If it is a paid internship – it must meet National Minimum Wage legislation